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Discover the essence of timeless beauty! Step into a world where we celebrate the uniqueness of every woman. Our skilled team uses the finest materials to redefine beauty standards, ensuring you experience the epitome of glamour. Welcome to a place where we craft individual masterpieces!
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At our eyelash studio, beauty isn't just a choice; it's the only option. Experience a captivating transformation with every blink, where skill meets artistry. Discover the world of eyelash mastery and redefine your gaze!


Welcome to a place where we craft individual masterpieces!

It is better to be a good specialist in one business than an average in several.
Our eyelash studio knows about it like no other.


Experienced craftsmen, modern technologies, consultation.


With extended eyelashes you can walk up to 4 weeks.


Work without gluing, warranty, premium materials.


We are distinguished by an individual approach to each client.


If you have short and rare eyelashes then eyelash extension is what you need. You can see the result of our work in the gallery.
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ABOUT Sholeh Academy

The center for creating a luxurious image. We make every woman uniquely beautiful! We have a team of professional masters, we work on the highest quality materials and now set the standard for standards of beauty! Read More

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OUR Students

Sholeh Academy takes pride in informing that over the past years, it has witnessed a remarkable number of students and apprentices at various levels, all of whom have now reached the status of instructors. In their professional field, these alumni manage their own establishments, combining the provision of services with educational activities for apprentices. 

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Register Date: 2024/3/8

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RECENT Articles

If you choose the right length and do the procedure carefully, your native cilia will remain unharmed.

And within two weeks after removing the extension of eyelashes, relatives will recover. 

The benefits of eyelash lift

The benefits of eyelash lift

Lash lift and lamination, as opposed to eyelash extensions and implants, do not cause any…
Tips for Eyelash Care Before and After Lift

Tips for Eyelash Care Before and After Lift

As mentioned earlier, eyelash lift typically lasts between 6 to 8 weeks, depending on how…
What is an eyelash lift?

What is an eyelash lift?

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As you contemplate participating in these courses and entering the job market, you may have encountered questions. We strive to provide concise yet comprehensive answers to the most frequently asked questions, addressing your concerns and facilitating your understanding of the journey ahead in a brief yet informative manner.

Upon the successful completion of the eyelash extension training course at Sholeh Academy, each student is granted an internationally recognized certificate. This certificate is formally acknowledged in multiple countries and is conferred upon individuals who demonstrate proficiency in both the theoretical and practical aspects of the course, contingent upon their capabilities.

Yes, we provide both in-person and online support for 3 to 6 months after completing the course. Participants can benefit from guidance and assistance from instructors within their specialized groups for ongoing support.

You can seek guidance from individuals who have previously participated in our courses to validate our claims. Additionally, reviewing past course records on the website can provide insights into the quality of our training.

Certainly, with dedication, perseverance, and guidance from our instructors, you can enter the job market after completing the course. By working on a specified number of models and receiving guidance, you can achieve success in your career.

Courses are offered in two formats, depending on the student’s registration. If the student chooses the training package with materials, then yes, specialized tools are provided. Otherwise, students can purchase tools during the course from the in-course shop.

For higher levels, yes, additional fees may apply. However, for the previous level completed within the last 6 months, there is no need for additional payment.

Given the global demand for this profession, you can easily enter the job market worldwide. Additionally, Sholeh Academy can provide a recommendation letter to applicants if approved by the management.


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